Varna was twice on tour with us, both times Alexander had him “in the wheel” on the sled and he somehow liked this shy, calm dog. A good year after Eka had moved in with us, Varna appeared on Hetta Huskies’ “for adoption soon” list. 3 dogs, of which 2 were extremely shy would have been too much for us. We decided to sponsor Varna because we thought he wouldn’t have an easy time finding a suitable home. When Eka died in December 2017, it soon became clear that we would go on another long journey towards north to pick up Varna by the end of the season in spring. The fact that Jade, with her 16 years, was allowed to join us again, almost seems like a miracle. She was a great help for Eka as well as for Varna in starting their new life.

Varna – Alaskan Husky – born in February 2007. Varna also spent his first year of life on the 350+ Husky Farm in Inari and joined Hetta Huskies together with Eka and about 40 other dogs in 2008.
Anna describes him as follows: “From the first moment he came to us from Juha Pekka’s farm, he was extremely shy – he was probably one of the two shyest dogs that have ever been on our farm”. After 11 years as a “good soul” on the sled, he was allowed to join us in spring 2018 to spend his retirement in the Swiss Alps.

  • Position in Team: Wheel Dog
  • Running Distance in his last season 2017 / 2018: 906 km
  • Overall running distance with Hetta Huskies is not known to us.
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