In the footsteps of the Vikings

14 days on board the M/V Silver Explorer. Together with Captain Stahlberg and his crew „in the footsteps of the Vikings.“
The M/V Silver Explorer is a comfortable expedition vessel with ice classification 1A. During winter on tour around Antarctica, during summer in the arctic regions.

Leith (Edinburgh) – Orkney Islands – Isle of Lewis – Isle of Rum – Isle of Mull – St. Kilda (Scotland) – Faeroe Islands – Lerwick (Shetland Islands) – Isle of Noss – Bergen – Helsingør – Bornholm – Lübeck

Spring storms – our true companions….. providing us not only fantastic weather scenery but also great zodiac experience – just fun…

Places of interest:
Orkney Islands and their beautiful dry stone walls. Standing Stones from „Callanish“ on Isle of Lewis. St.Kilda, can be reached only by boat. The Bird cliffs from Isle of Noss.
After this boat trip, Scotland is on top of the list to visit with our „Landi“….

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