Iceland in Winter

Auroras in Iceland in winter -I had my ideas…. Alexander wasn’t very enthusiastic about my short term plans.
Anyway, we decided to pack our bags and go for it!
Due to long and difficult travel in winter, the Land Rover had to stay at home.
The easy way was a flight via Copenhagen to Keflavik and a rental car. Seven days, limited to the south, with a focus on places we missed on our first trip.
The initial plan was a photo trip – to catch auroras of course- so that is how everything was organized at home: Sunrise – sunset, how, when, where….the programm is called „ The Photographers Ephemeris“, Spaceweather and Iceland Meteo are te tools to use.

Day 1:
Arriving in Keflavik, get the SUV and let’s go on 425 south. Hurry up to the „Bridge of the continents“ sunset is at 4:22 pm and the almost fullmoon was up yet. Photoshooting. It’s windy and cold!
We spend two nights at the Northern Light Inn, right next to the blue lagoon. Sky was almost clear so afer dinner, we went to the lagoon, hoping to catch auroras and wait and wait and wait….

Day 2:
10 am, slowly we find daylight. Back on 425 south/west to the rocks of Reykjanesviti and the “bubble field“ of Gunnuhver. It’s nice today but extremely windy. We drive on 427 east and 42 north to the lakes Graenavatn and Kleifarvatn, then direction Hafnarfjörður. On the way we see a traditional wooden Stockfisch drying construction. After all that wind, the cold fingers and a red nose, a plunge into the blue lagoon was scheduled this evening!

Day 3:
Today we head east – to the waterfalls along ring road 1, with a stopover at the Strandarkirka of Selvogur (425 east). Sidetrip to Seljalandsfoss – one can walk behind the waterfall – a little icy but possible to do. We are almost alone….N° „1“ towards east to Skógafoss. We have the entire panorama for ourselves again. Tonight we stay at „Grand Guesthouse Gardakot“, a lovely place only few minutes from Dyrhólaey with self catering in the evening and a great farmer’s breakfast in the morning“. But on the way we make a sidetrip to the US Navy Crashed DC3 somewhere in Sölhejmanssanður. We’ve found it – yeeessss – without being stuck in the sander. Quick photos before the next gale is comming up – we don’t need sand-blasted equipment! Soon we’re in a nice warm living room.

Day 4:
Something between strong wind and real storm. Our photoshooting at Dyrhólaey is quite challenging. Of course we try to stay on our two feet… Later we drive the short distance on 215 to Reynishvefti – it seems to be more calm over there. But we drive into the next front – and take pictures on the beach in the rain. Direction east on N°„1“ towards Skaftafell and Svartifoss. No go, to much rain and wind, so we drive ahead to reach Fjallsarlon at the blue hour. All alone, between two weather fronts – just beautiful, in the land of elves…. Tonight we stay at Hali Country Hotel with it’s authentic farmer’s food.

Day 5:
Rain and wind, we drive back to Reykjavik. But as we are optimists, we believe to reach Svartifoss in sunshine. „ Someone“ is on our side. Our hike, one more time between weather fronts, brings us from the old farmhouses of Sel to Svartifoss and back. We continue on ring road 1 towards Reykjavik. Icelantic specialities at „Einar Ben“ in downtown of Reykjavik in the evening.

Day 6:
Culture tour in the city, then to Keflavik. It’s our last day today. We drive to the lighthouse at Garður, then straight to the blue lagoon. First photoshooting at sunset, then the plunge and a great dinner at the lagoon’s restaurant.

Tag 7:
Via Oslo back home…….

Iceland is always worth a trip – no matter how the weather is, with or without auroras, summer or winter…
Iceland is beautiful – just beautiful…..

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