When I met Eka for the first time in 2013, I had to lure and drag him out of his hut to be able to harness him to the sled. He was my lead dog on this tour and should be one year later again. From the beginning this shy dog fascinated me somehow, his attentive nature, his kindness towards other dogs and his distance to people. I soon realized that I would want to adopt Eka when he reached retirement age and I was happy that Alexander could share my idea.

Eka – Alaskan Husky – born in 2005 (exact date unknown)
.He grew up and lived with + 350 other dogs on a big farm in Eastern Lapland. In 2008 he moved with a group of ca. 40 sled dogs to Hetta Huskies to become one of their top leaders. Eka was one of the “shy dogs” and he never lost his shyness completely. After ten years as a „working sleddie“ he was allowed to retire. In October 2015 he moved to Switzerland to enjoy his last years and become a couch potato ….

  • Position in Team: Leading Dog
  • Running Distance during his last season in 2014 / 2015: 2’498 km
  • Overall Running Distance with Hetta Huskies 2009 – 2015: approx. 12’330 km

EKA aka „Mumeli“ walked the rainbow on 18.12.2017

During a workshop with the canine expert and behavioral scientist Günther Bloch I asked during a coffee break: “Günther, what do you think, working sled dog, Alaskan, 10-year-old, does not take goodies out from the hand, has always lived outside…”. Günter’s answer: “Forget it!”

I am grateful that I followed my belly feeling….

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