Alexander  50+

Felicitas  50+

Jade Hunting Dog (2002-2018) more than 37’000km Jade joined us on our travels in the Land Rover, not counting the small excursions in Switzerland. She has moved on – but the good memories remain….

Eka Sled Dog in retirement (2005-2017)

Varna Sled Dog in retirement (2007-2019)

Owl Sled Dog in retirement

Land Rover Defender 110 TD4 SE “Ice”Landi 2010 – customized by Overland Technics

A few thoughts on climate, environment and tourism:

Our “Bucket List” would be long:

  • Greenland
  • Patagonia
  • Antarctica
  • New Zealand
  • Tasmania

But neither the emperor penguins in Antarctica nor the polar bears in Greenland are waiting for us. So we have decided not to travel by airplane or cruise vessel in the future anymore and therefore abandon our bucket list. Of course we will continue to travel in Europe with our 4-wheeled holiday home from time to time. Maybe we just want to go from A to B and enjoy the simplicity of being and explore the nature by hiking with our dogs.