Biketrip to Lucca  2010


In fact we planned a trip down south to Lucca by taking the high mountain passes but late September was definitely to late for such ideas! Freezing temperatures at french „Col d‘Iseran“ - we had to change our plans. So we decided to drive further west over the small mountain roads at lower altitude.

stage 1:

Brünigpass - Grimselpass - col de la Forclaz - Chamonix mt.blanc (France)

stage 2:

col de la Madleine - col du Glandon - col du Galibier to the top and back same way - col du Lautaret - Briançon

stage 3: (the huge one)

lac du Serre-Ponçon - D954 - Fwy to Manosque - Grand Canyon du Verdon - Grasse - Nice

stage 4: 

Fwy to Genua - la Spezia - Lucca

excursion to Pisa and Sant‘Anna di Stazzema

stage 5: (way home)

on the Fwy in heavy rain Genua - Alessandria - Gondo (swiss boarder)

stage 6: 

Simplonpass - Grimselpass - Brünigpass

in total approx. 1‘168 miles

beautiful roads:

col du Glandon, D954 along the lake du Serre -Ponçon

place of interest:

„les demoiselles coiffées“

we also had the opportunity to get a guided tour by the head conservator from Pisa and join his staff at working in the dizzy heights of the tower.