Hetta - Arctic Finland 2015


This trip was dedicated at 100% to a dog - and this trip was pretty crazy as well!

May I introduce:

EKA - Alaskan Husky - 10 years old - a charming, shy and reliable leading dog in retirement.

In 2013 and 2014 we participated on a multi day safari with Hetta Huskies. Both times I had Eka as a leading dog in my team. September last year, during our trip to North Karelia and Pasvik Valley, we made a stopover at Hetta on the way back. Jade was with us so we wanted to figure out how she and Eka would get along together. From the first day I was in fact fascinated by this dog and I was pretty sure to provide a new home with a nice soft sofa to this „Crazy Finn“ when the time would come. Fortunately Alex could share this idea with me.

In early summer this year, I got the news from Anna, that she and her husband Pasi would be ready to give Eka his well deserved retirement and let him move to Switzerland. This was the starting signal for another trip to the North……

As we planned to bring Bandit, another retired (European) Huskygirl to her new home in Sweden, our Holiday Defender had to stay at home - due to a lack of space….. But with 3 dogs, our Everyday Defender has proven at its best . 


Only main roads and Highways.

Day 1 & 2: Ferry Travemünde - Helsinki 

Day 3:  Helsinki -  Tampere - Vaasa - Oulu

Day 4:   Oulu - Kemi - Rovaniemi - Kittilä - Hetta

Day 5:  Hiking with Anna, some of the guides and the dogs, Jade, Eka and Bandit, round Hetta

Day 6:  Hetta - Muonio - Kokari - Pajala (Sweden) - 392 Süd - Luela - Örnsköldsvik

Day 7:  E 4 South - Vagnhärad (to drop Bandit at her new home) - Norsholm

Day 8:  Helsingborg - Rødbyhavn and Ferry to Puttgarden - Timmendorfer Strand

Day 9:  back home

Total:  5’780  km on the road  (3’592 miles) 


Dog friendly Hotels:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu  very nice at the waterfront. Next to a park.
  • Hotelli Hetan Majatalo Hetta
  • Hotell Veckefjärden, Örnsköldsvik , rooms a bit small with 3 dogs but very practical furnished, next to a golf course, walking trails from the house. 
  • Kapten Bille’s Norsholm, old warehouse next to the Göta canal, simple and inexpensive but very charming. Hiking trails along the canal.
  • Best Western, Timmendorfer Strand.There are not so many dog friendly hotels at Timmendorfer Strand.  The BW is one of them. We had a nice big room. Beach and Promenade right in front of the house.


We would have prefered to rent cabins but many campgrounds are closed or on reduced schedule at this time of the year. If you announce 3 dogs, the answer is often:  Sorry, we’re fully booked.…  If not on tour with a camper but with dogs, I would recommend to book in advance especially in Sweden. Finland is much easier.