2. Husky Tour Lappland 2014

It was the 2nd time this winter that we got the feeling to head north. Not to see Auroras but to spend  a couple of days with our quadruped friends in the vastness of Arctic Finland.

Joined by Gregor, Livia and Manuel

On the way to….:

This time we spent two nights in Helsinki so we had a day to explore the town and some attractions like the Finnish Museum of photography for example.

Arriving in Hetta and Day 1:

Sunday evening, sorting out the luggage was on schedule. For the sake of the dogs, the weight is reduced to the max. For example, my luggage consists of: 1 toothbrush, 1 cream protection against cold, 1 set underwear, 1 spare „ 1st layer“ clothing, Camera and spare battery - all crammed into a small backpack - and the sleeping bag (provided). All the rest will be dressed anyway and there is no need for more… 

On the first day we made a 30 km „ round Hetta“ trail - quasi as a warm-up and spent the night in the brand new Kota on the farm - auroras incl.

Day 2:

After the teams were arranged and the sleigh packed, nothing could hold us back (especially the dogs) from going out into the wilderness.  Somewhat between 35 and 40 km over hills and plains to Galdotieva - on the lake, where we stayed for 2 nights in a rather comfortable cabin with warm water and shower.

Day 3:

Livia stayed home that day and took care of slightly injured Pilgrim - who loved to be in the warm snuggery…. before going home the other morning. It can always happen that dogs have a bit more „ rough discussions“ …  especially in the morning when they get food or just before running when they are full of energy and can’t wait to run.

So on this day we were out with only 5 sleigh but with 6 dogs on each! Wow - hell was loose - 48 km through Tunturi Lappi along the Norwegian border and back.

Day 4:

Dog change completed. Everyone was fit and ready to drive out over frozen lakes and  marshland, through woodland, along creecks and over hills. We spent the night in a traditional Kota with no light and no water. Cooking (and heating) on the open fire, candlelight, sleeping on reindeer fur. And when you can hear the howling dogs at nigth, you know  „Tomte Tummetott“  is somewhere out there, looking for everything to be alright.  (Tomte Tummetott - a series of child’s books by Astid Lindgren)

Day 5:

Already…..our tour goes towards its end. A last ca. 30 km lap back to Hetta. After 5 running days the dogs enjoied their kennels, say hello to the ones, stayed at home and being served a nice warm meat soup (something we did with pleasure). Bye bye…..we’ll see you!


This was our 2nd tour with Hetta Huskies and it was brilliant again. Although the route was more or less the same, we were able to see things we didn’t see last time. For example the Norwegian border, where we had to turn aournd last year because of a reindeer herd.

But also the fact that we had some of our favourite dogs from last year back in the teams were wonderful. Atlas, Bino, Eka, Leon, Monthy, Nalle and the „O's“, just to mention some of them. Of course they all capture a place in your heart while you are out there running, feeding and care of them.

Our tour guide this year was Doris Kallen from Kandersteg, Switzerland - we had lots of fun playing cards and dice in the evening. And above all was Pasi, keeping a discreet eye on everything - thank you for the excellent cooking and the drinks :-)

A potential of abuse is still existing…….