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When Jade moved on with 16 1/2 years in October 2018, Varna was suddenly alone. He, who had lived 11 years in the pack. Shortly before Christmas Anna from Hetta Huskies told us that maybe after the end of the current season two of her “O “Pups would go to early retirement. One of them was Owl. On our first tour in 2013 Alexander had Owl in the team, he was running together with Varna. Also in the following year, Owl was with us again for at least 1 day. Therefore it was clear to us that we would offer Owl a new home in spring 2019 to spend the rest of his time with us. Together with Charlotte, HH Guide on the way home for her holidays, Owl was able to travel by bus, night train and finally by plane to Switzerland and we were happy to pick him up at Zurich Airport.

Owl – Alaskan Husky – born 11. February 2011 – parents: Hetta Huskies’ Grumpy x Tengri

Owl and his 8 siblings, from the own breeding of Hetta Huskies, were born and raised on the farm. He was the weakest in the litter and had to be fed by hand for about 2 months. When we met him for the first time at the age of 2, he was the “little one” with the “big athlete heart”, always willing to give his best.

  • Position in Team: Swing Dog (also known as Team Dog)
  • Running Distance in his last season 2018 / 2019:  1’453 km
  • Overall running distance with Hetta Huskies is not known to us.

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